AWIL Magazine VI

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History, art, science, politics, all categories in which man can place his discoveries and thoughts all tied together by the need of knowing and understanding. Our liberty, as limited as it is must be protected first and foremost through learning. Aside from health nothing is more important than the mind and we must take care of both in order to become human. Just like a child is not a man/woman before he grows up and experiences the world, we are incomplete till we reach our destiny as truly sapient beings.

We hope you will enjoy this issue, we made a real effort to improve the quality but still feel that much is left to be done. Michael Johnson delights us with another great article from the field of art history and Hristofor offers to our attention a well balanced review of Germany's foreign policy, the largest European nation both in population and economy. American Dream II introduces you to an alternative history of the beginning of a superpower and how her present actions are deeply rooted in an idealized past. You will also discover Shibam, the Manhattan of the desert, Cioran, the philosopher not many know but who is fundamental in the field and last but not least, Maria, a great Russian artist who agreed to share with us some of her latest works.

Enjoy the reading, till the next issue,
all the best.

Florin Cosma